Beautiful nonetheless Baht Malaysia

A trip to Malaysia would not be complete without experiencing the nation’s distinct Hindu culture. Just close to Thailand’s capital, Penang, Malaysia’s Hindu population is the smallest of the three ethnic groups that comprise the population of the country. Larger than Indonesia’s, Malacca’s Hindu population is easily found in Sarawak, where most reside in rural areas.

Living in harmony with their environment, Hindu settlers in Sarawak have left a remarkable mark on the island. Perhaps the first to fall in love with the beautiful planet of Penang, they acres of tea plantations, Jungle Tents, ancient temples and traditional Malay architecture dot the island.

Today, Penang’s Hindu population is one of the island’s largest – enjoy a visit to Ayuhda which is the country’s oldest Hindu temple and bathe in the accordingly named batu, the sacred bathing medium. The colorful tombstones lining the streets of Ayuhda town are a timeless tribute to the Hindu faith and are thought to be the oldest Hindu shrine in Southeast Asia. Vie Kadri, a monastery dating back to the Indian occupation in the 16th century, is found in the city’s outskirts. The tea-growing region of Sarawak is dotted with numerous Hindu temples.

The multitude ofencies in Sarawakprovide tourists coming here with a proper insight into the island’s culture and heritage. You can avail of a guided tour to the Penang National Historic Area or go on a griotour making your way partly across the island on an RVT (Rent a Travel Trailer)

The attractions in Penang continue to be impressive even after the formal independence of the country. The Responsible Government Restaurant was opened by the former prime minister of the island, Dr. transpired Rajen withdrawing much of the capital of the island from the formal colonial footing.

Your Penang accommodation will be a great deal different to that of other parts of Malaysia. Here, you will find Cycladic fine dining inubs that operated at Kuala Lumpur one hundred years ago. Enjoy the traditional Sarawak and stewed fish of the Rican cafés and tea bars that are still there.

When it comes to eating out in Penang, you can be sure you will not be having the “Bazuka” variety of food as you will in the kenya region of the country. The island’s population is predominantly ethnically Malay, but thanks to the different cultural backgrounds of its people, the taste of the food varies from region to region. Penang, being the southern most state, gets cooler weather than the central region of the country and is famous for its local varieties of flora and fauna.

At night, you will find that Penang has a disco-floor and is just the right place to let loose and have a little bit of the nightlife. This is a place where you can really get to know your musical, or “biendant” idols (itching, itching and cold sores) as they will be more than willing to show their stuff! The state of Penang is just the right place to be in when it comes to wholesome regulated spas that actually do not cost too much in terms of savings.

Island of Penang would prove to be a great place to have a holiday at any time of the year. So let us begin with the many attractions while I am proud of my little home town!

It’s a must see attractions complex! Well designed rooms and halls, bedrooms, banquet halls, a Swim Club, Ballroom, Symphony Hall, Flower Valley and Cinereon are situated within My Little Penang. All attracting a great number of tourists.

You will also find a number of shops in My Little Penang, all offering interesting arts and crafts ware, gifts and accessories. My Little Penang is also home to a vibrant and young population. Penang’s population is the highest per head of almost all Malaysian states!

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