Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida

Jilted Latium with an Estuarine character and positioned on the waters edge, is a unique property in the Homestead community of Homestead, Florida. The Castle is also the most BEuve property in the area, it was a long time coming home to many who called it home as it was originally built in 1662 by Majesty Andrew Boone, his wife Elizabeth and their three sons. Why you ask? It has a few things going for it, first it is situated along the waters edge, a safe place to stop and enjoy the early morning commute or the mid morning salt water flow. The aesthetics areost impressive too, with the pink brick walls, the open air feeling around it and the two story professional brick fireplace that bustles each morning.

There is also a two story water tower that is almost 20 feet tall that encloses the waters edge, keeping it a perfect water safe environment. The waters edge is unspoiled and simply spectacular. However, this is only one of the many things this lovely Piece of art has to offer it’sSoon-to-be-iconic castle.

This fabulous Castle is in the heart of “The Everglades National Park, “one of the only two designated wilderness areas in South Florida, “which means you know you are somewhere unique and exotic, a place to see and be seen.

Homestead’s” history goes back to the timber Wars between the Germans and the French in the late 1800’s, German lumber barons were allied with the French and couldn’t let go of the idea of building a sawmill fast enough.

They built an amazing system of dykes and dams, turning the waters around the sawmill, a true miracle of engineering, water hasaved and lovely.

The whole space is a forest of maples and evergreens, staying unwatered, neat and quiet.

Remember the movie”National Treasure”and the scene where they use the water to tunnel through the floorboards of the house to find treasure? Well, this is the kind of place they used.

The owners came from Scotland. forexample.

Both the father and son are avid hunters and this together with an outstanding quinqueña ( Spanish for black bear) means that you almost certain to run into a bear.

There are dozens of places to sit and relax and, should you get tired, visit the Conch Shell Cigar Factory. You can choose to buy cigars, see the process of making them and try some for yourself.

If there is an opposite of relaxing and seeing the sights, there is probably some cheap accommodation. Tryhttp://www. Homestead Homestead Resort. It’s a paradise and the people who operate it are the warmest, most friendly and most helpful. You can contact them via the web or just call 1-800-72-GOOD-landers.

It’s not easy to be perfect all the time but Homestead Homestead Resort definitely gets top marks. There is a lot to do right on your doorstep and it’s just a matter of joining the right community. If you’re bored and looking for something to do, Homestead is the place to be.

Hotels in Homestead, Florida []

impart a unique experience straight out of the state. Perched on a mountain top, with pristine pine forests for neighbors and occasional moose sightings, Homestead is a place that is laid back to a fault.

The area is centered on the Plaza Mall, a protected commercial corridor within which you find yourself in a perfect position to discover the secrets of Orlando’s history.

ournowntown Orlando’s history is celebrated at the Orlando World Center, a museum that educates and provides entertainment. This after you have Fun at Sea World, one of the country’s biggest marine parks.

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If you need more adventure, check out the nearby Hard Rock Park or the NASA Kennedy Space Center. Visit attractions like the Ripley’s Believe It or Square Lucy or take a wildlife safari in Animal Kingdom.

Just looking for a healthy snack? Check out some of the area’s snack food vendors or sample a sweet or non-sweet drink in a non-traditional styled bar or tavern. You can visit a performing arts venue, have an autograph opportunity with Hollywood stars, or watch a politician give a speech in the Safety Building.

Finally, check out the area’s prospects for a good retirement. The city is a financial giant and California’s eighth largest state.

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